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Pearls and Roses

Flowers Pearls

This story has began on an average Tuesday morning. I woke feeling particularly uninspired, and the weather didn't help. It's been snowing for a couple days, and some of  the snow has already melted into a dirty mess. The view from my window did not contribute to my morning motivation, so I decided to turn to something that succeeds every single time - and that would be flowers.

Planning and inspiring: LadyLikesJewelry edition

I've always loved white roses for their purity and their class. They are beautiful and inspiring - they invoke a feeling of sophistication and grace.

If you look for a similar vibe in jewelry, nothing compares to pearls. Elegant and timeless, pearl jewelry has been praised by stylists and style icons alike.

Think Coco Chanel, think Audrey Tautou, think Audrey Hepburn.

White pearl choker necklace and gray earrings. Handmade jewelry by LadyLikesJewelry

Colorful glass pearl earrings handmade by LadyLikesjewelry

Natural pearls come in different colors and shapes, and imitation pearls are even more diverse. No wonder glass pearls are so popular for wedding jewelry and decor since they can match any theme effortlessly.

Handmade pearl bracelets in unique colors. Made by LadyLikesJewelry!

2 Chokers - 1 pair of earrings. Handmade pearl jewelry.

Dainty pearl necklace. Elegance and modern classic style

All jewelry in the pictures can be found in LadyLikesJewelry's Pearl Jewelry Collection.

What gets you motivated on a gloomy day? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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