Handmade Fashion Jewelry
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Care Instructions

Care instructions depend on what kind of materials your jewelry is made of. However, there are some general rules:

  • let your jewelry dry completely as soon as possible if it gets wet
  • use a soft lint-free cloth for a quick non-invasive clean-up. It helps to retain the original sheen, what usually makes drastic difference.
  • don't wear your jewelry for any sport activities. No matter what kind of metal is used, sweat residue does not add an attractive touch to the piece.
  • swimming pool is a no-no. Chlorine, just like any chemical, can discolor your jewelry and loosen stones and settings
  • apply lotion and perfume before putting jewelry on. Give it some time to get absorbs/evaporate, as alcohol in them can discolor and damage your pieces.
  • store your jewelry in the original box or pouch. Keep it away from open air and direct sunlight to prevent tarnishing or change of color.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care:

  • use sterling silver polishing cloth to brighten up solid sterling silver parts of your jewelry. However, avoid any polishing over stones/crystals/pearls and any plated areas.
  • use silver polishing liquid for harsher stains only if the piece is made of solid sterling silver. Any stone/crystal/pearl inclusions might get discolored or loosened as chemicals damage them.
  • if your jewelry piece is made of mixed metals and stones/crystals/pearls, wash it with mild soap and warm water. Let it dry completely and finish with a soft non-abrasive lint-free cloth (not polishing cloth).
  • sterling silver always tarnishes. Polish or wash it at least once a month to keep your jewelry fresh and shiny.

Silver Plated and Silver-Filled Jewelry Care:

  • do not use any abrasive cleaning supplies as it will remove the layer of silver on top of base metal your jewelry is made of.
  • use soft lint-free cloth or warm water and mild soap to clean stains. Let your jewelry dry completely before wearing it.
  • it's preferable not to wear plated or filled jewelry in water as it makes plating wear off over time. Reserve water contact for clean-ups :)
I hope that helps to keep your jewelry clean and beautiful over time! If you have any questions about a specific piece, please feel to contact us.